DZLM - German Centre for Mathematics Teacher Education


The German Centre for Mathematics Teacher Education (DZLM, supports engaged educators in fostering understanding of, and raising enthusiasm for, mathematics. In doing so, the DZLM places great emphasis on the professional development of multipliers. The trained multipliers are teachers themselves (from pre-, primary and secondary schools) who in turn, offer professional development courses, advice and support to other teachers. The work of the multipliers thus helps their peers hone, advance and expand their own teaching practice. The DZLM also provides professional development courses that target specific types of teachers. Included here are courses especially aimed at mathematics or pre-school teachers, and professional development for educators who teach lessons in a subject(s) outside their specialty areas.

The DZLM is an initiative of the Deutsche Telekom Foundation (












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The project mascil has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement n°320693