Research & Practise Sessions

In each of the three tracks, the first day will start with a moderated long session that combines the perspectives from research and practice and actively engages the audience in small group work and discussion. The research-practice interactive sessions will each relate to a topic of major current concern in scaling-up teacher professional development and will, since they are placed at the beginning of the conference, open up inspiring exchange between participants of the conference.

Researchers and practitioners will frame and introduce each session topic and then engage in a short moderated panel discussion. During the discussion, the audience will also have the opportunity to clarify issues or raise questions of concern. This first part of the session will be followed by a work phase in smaller groups during which participant opinions, concerns and experiences on the topic and input presentations will be discussed. In the final part of the research-practice interactive sessions, a plenary discussion will provide the opportunity to learn from the diversity of perspectives represented in the audience. A moderator will encourage participants to present key points and conclusions made in the group work phase and engage all participants in a forward-looking discussion. The aim of the final discussion is to agree and sum-up core concerns, current problems, and ways of moving forward.

[For example, 25 min input, 15 min panel discussion, 25 min group work and 20 min plenary discussion]

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The project mascil has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement n°320693