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We are pleased to announce following presenters:

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Long presentations:

Besser, M. (University of Education Freiburg), Leiss, D. (Leuphana University of Lueneburg): Designing Teacher Professional Development to Foster Mathematics Teachers’ Pedagogical Content Knowledge and to Improve the Quality of Teaching

Cameron, D. (Institute of Physics, London): The Stimulating Physics Network: changing the landscape of physics teacher professionalism in England

Cyvin, J. (NTNU), Febri, M.IM. (NTNU), Gjøvik, Ø. (NTNU), Sikko, S.A. (NTNU), Staberg, R.L. (NTNU): Innovative ICT-based teaching materials in mathematics and science

Dannemann, S. (IDN Didaktik der Biologie, Hannover), Gropengießer, H. (IDN Didaktik der Biologie, Hannover): Using video vignettes as cases to foster the abilities of pre-service teacher students to design learning activities

Doorman, M. (Utrecht University), Wijers, M. (Utrecht University), Jonker, V. (Utrecht University), de Haan, D. (Utrecht University): Promoting 21st century skills with problem solving challenges for teams

Dreher, U. (University of Education Freiburg), von Gehlen, M. (University of Education Freiburg), Hochbruck, W. (University of Freiburg), Holzäpfel, L. (University of Education Freiburg): "Praxiskolleg" Freiburg: Creating a Community of Practice Network for Teacher Education

García, F.J. (University of Jaén), Romero-Ariza, M. (University of Jaén), Quesada-Armenteros, A. (University of Jaén), Abril-Gallego, A.M. (University of Jaén): Understanding differences between face-to-face and e-learning professional development, from the dual perspective of designers and facilitators

Geiger, V. (Australian Catholic University), Mulligan, J. (Macquarie University): Creating STEM Online Materials for Pre-Service Teachers Through Interdisciplinary Collaboration Between Mathematics Educators, Mathematicians and Scientists

Hahn, T. (University Kassel), Eichler, A. (University Kassel): Changing beliefs and motivation based on reflection on student outcomes

Hornung, G. (University of Kaiserslautern), Engelhardt, A. (University of Kaiserslautern), Thyssen, C. (University of Kaiserslautern), Lutz, P. (University of Kaiserslautern), Kiekbusch, L. (University of Kaiserslautern): “real-LiFe”: using interactive feedback tools for teacher education in science

Jahnke, A. (Gothenburg University): Analysing the architecture and epistemological foundation of Boost for Mathematics – a PD program conducted by 37,000 mathematics teachers in Sweden

Karsenty, R. (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel): Preparing facilitators to conduct video-based professional development for mathematics teachers: Needs, experiences and challenges

Lamberg, T. (University of Nevada): Nevada Mathematics Project: A Scale up Professional Development Project in U.S.A

Maaß, K. (University of Education Freiburg): Scaling up within the cascade model: What are PD facilitators’ needs?

Pendrill, A-M. (Lund University), Kozma, C. (Stockholm University), Theve, A. (Gröna Lund, Stockholm): Amusement park physics – teacher roles for student learning, through CPD, research-based materials and networking

Rösike, K. (TU Dortmund University), Prediger, S. (TU Dortmund University): Specifying what teachers need to learn: The case of noticing and fostering students’ mathematical potentials

Sensari, Z.S. (Izmir Özel Türk College), Yurumezoglu, K. (Dokuz Eylül University): Effectiveness of an In-service Training Program Regarding Inquiry-based Teaching for Physics Teachers

Sproesser, U. (University of Education Heidelberg), Vogel, M. (University of Education Heidelberg), Dörfler, T. (University of Education Heidelberg), Eichler, A. (University of Kassel): Developing and evaluating teachers’ professional development referring to learning difficulties in reasoning with functions

Tirosh, D. (Tel Aviv University), Tsamir, P. (Tel Aviv University), Levenson, E. (Tel Aviv University), Barkai, R. (Tel Aviv University): Using cases as materials in professional development

Triantafillou, C. (ASPETE, Greece), Psycharis, G. (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens), Potari, D. (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens), Zachariades, T. (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens), Spiliotopoulou, V. (ASPETE, Greece): ‘Aspects of secondary teachers’ attempts to integrate workplace in teaching’

van der Valk, T. (Utrecht University), Kleijer, C. (Utrecht University), Michels, B. (Utrecht University): Scaling-up in a secondary/higher education STEM network: U-Talent

Wassong, T. (Universität Paderborn), Biehler, R. (Universität Paderborn): What are the challenges of being a math teacher educator? Results of an interview study

Westwell, J. (The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics, England): The English National Maths Hubs Programme

Westwell, J. (The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics, England): The NCETM Accredited Professional Development Lead Programmes

Zehetmeier, S. (University of Klagenfurt): How to scale up and sustain the impact of professional development programmes?

Zwetzschler, L. (University Duisburg-Essen): How to educate the educators for mathematics –Design Principles for PD-courses for educators

Short presentations:

Biehler, R. (Universität Paderborn), Friedrich, H. (Universität Paderborn), Nieszporek, R. (Universität Paderborn): Scaling up professional development courses for upper secondary mathematics teachers through systematic collaboration with mentor teachers

Bilek, M. (University of Hradec Kralove), Simonova, I. (University of Hradec Kralove), Machkova, V. (University of Hradec Kralove), Musilek, M. (University of Hradec Kralove), Manenova, M. (University of Hradec Kralove): Project Mascil Implications for Teachers Professional Development in Czech Republic

Chehlarova, T. (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences), Kenderov, P. (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences), Sendova, E. (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences): Dynamic support of multipliers’ personalization (without forgetting the national specifics)

Colakoglu, C.H. (Ministry of National Education, Turkey): Scaling-up PDs in Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Dalby, D. (University of Nottingham): The role of the facilitator in developing effective professional learning communities

Juen-Kretschmer, C. (Pädagogische Hochschule Tirol), Alber, E. (Pädagogische Hochschule Tirol): Joint development of sustainable mathematical competences

Lamberg, T. (University of Nevada): A Framework for Shifting Teachers’ Instructional Approaches to Inquiry Based Approaches

Mousoulides, N. (University of Nicosia), Evagorou, M. (University of Nicosia): An Interdisciplinary Approach to Mathematics Teaching and Learning - Educating the Teacher Educators dimension

Sorensen, P. (University of Nottingham): Developing inquiry-based approaches in science linked to the world of work: a case study of using materials from the Mascil project to support a school-based professional learning community

Staberg, R.L. (NTNU), Sikko, S.A. (NTNU), Dahl, H. (NTNU), Febri, M.I.M. (NTNU): Impact of Multiplier Concept on Teachers’ Professional Knowledge

Stampfer, F. (University of Innsbruck), Kapelari, S. (University of Vienna): An analysis of teachers questioning as “mediating artefacts” in a professional development course within the mascil project

van der Valk, T. (Utrecht University), Mooldijk, A. (Utrecht University), Duifhuis, P. (Hogeschool Utrecht): Educating physics educators in Surinam: the NiNaS project

Materials Market:

Armenteros, A.Q., Abril, A.M., Ariza, M.R., García, F.J.: Inquiry in primary Science Education using immersions tasks for pre-service teachers

Kapelari, S., Lindner, W., Scheuch, M., Varga, J.: The price of soybeans: a topic accompanying students during the course of their school career

Stampfer, F.: Chocolate Bar Machine Scheduling: Dunking into IBT and WoW

Zsombori, G., András, S.: Developing reasoning skills using IQ games

Reitz-Koncebovski, K., Weihberger, A.: PRIMAS / mascil

Weihberger, A.: Smartphones in class?! Please turn them on!

Jonker, V., Wijers, M.: IBL and WoW materials from the Netherlands

Dalby, D.: Mathematics Assessment Project

Hyland, M., McClure, L.: Underground Mathematics

Schuler, S., Haug, R., Reuter, D., Wittmann, G.: MATHElino

Schulze, J.: Science on Stage Europe

Dinse de Salas, S., Werner, J.: Coaching teachers using technology with cognitive apprenticeship

Pendrill, A., Arvidsson, Å., Ekström, P., Hansson, L., Kozma, C., Ouattara, L., Reistad, N., Theve, A.: Physics for the whole body – in amusement parks and playgrounds

Protopsaltis, A., Hetzner, S., Leen-Thomele, E.: Equipping the Next Generation for Active Engagement in Science - ENGAGE


Ariza, M.R. (University of Jaén), Quesada, A. (University of Jaén), Abril, A.M (University of Jaén), García, F.J. (University of Jaén): When teachers build parachutes: materials for scaling up teacher professional development

Bracke, M. (University of Kaiserslautern), Neßler, K. (University of Kaiserslautern), Siller, H.-S. (University of Koblenz-Landau):  Research-based learning versus subject-matter-orientated teaching for supervising complex interdisciplinary modelling tasks: what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Bronner, P. (Friedrich-Gymnasium Freiburg):  Inquiry based mobile learning with smartphones

Cabassut, R. (Strasbourg University): Professional development on modelling and national conditions and constraints: examples from France

Criado, A.M. (Universidad de Sevilla), García-Carmona, A. (Universidad de Sevilla), Cruz-Guzmán, M. (Universidad de Sevilla): 'An experience with soap films in preservice Primary teachers training on inquiry-based Science learning'

de Villiers, L. (Durban University of Technology), Wessels, D.CJ. (Stellenbosch University): Investigating engineering students’ mathematical modelling competencies

Diakonou, M. (Model Lyceum Evageliki School of Smyrna), Siopi, K. (Model Lyceum Evageliki School of Smyrna): The input-output criterion of data in design of task activities

Grapin, N. (University Paris Diderot), Lazaro, C. (Spanish Federation of Mathematics Teachers’ Societies), Maracci, M. (University of Pavia), Moussavou, F. (French Association of Public School’s Mathematics Teachers), Pope, S. (The Manchester Metropolitan University), Recio, T. (University of Cantabria), Robutti, O. (University of Turin), Silva, J. C. (University of Coimbra), Vieira, A. (Portuguese Association of Mathematics Teachers): Inclusive Mathematical LIteracy (IMALI): collaborative teacher development

Kunchev, M. (Baba Tonka High School of Mathematics), Sendova, E. (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences): Climbing the stairs: implementing the IBL from students’ explorations to teachers’ motivation

Manshadi, S. (The artic university of Norway): Digital tools and meaning making in mathematics

Mooldijk, A. (Freudenthal Institute for Science and Mathematics Education), Jonker, V. (Freudenthal Institute for Science and Mathematics Education): Professional Learning Community on Interdisciplinarity

Popov, O. (Umeå University): Better later than never: science teacher professional competence development following curriculum reform in Sweden

Stampfer, F. (University of Innsbruck, University of Vienna), Sendova, E. (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences): How a bicycle insurance task connected Austrian and Bulgarian students

van Dijk, E.M. (Universität Hildesheim), Meisert, A. (Universität Hildesheim): Development of pre-service teachers’ lesson-planning strategies in relation to their self-efficacy

Wetterstrand, F. (Örebro University), Knutsson, M. (Örebro University): Research Circle in Mathematics Education

Wittmann, G. (University of Education Freiburg), Schuler, S. (University of Education Freiburg): Primary school teachers running in-service trainings for fellow teachers – an investigation of activities and expectations


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The project mascil has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement n°320693