Materials Market and Scientix Workshop

A Scientix workshop will present the Scientix platform, opportunities and its database of materials (30–45 min). Participants will learn about the services and opportunities offered by Scientix (workshops, conferences, translation on demand) and get an overview of the Scientix database that contains a large number of STEM materials (classroom materials, PD materials, reports and guides) that were developed in the course of international projects. We particularly invite teachers, teacher educators, teacher associations, PD Centres and European projects in the area of STEM from across Europe to this session since they are important actors in ensuring that teachers in local settings get to know internationally developed materials.

A materials market (60 min) will follow this presentation and allow attendees to look into a broad range of PD materials and classroom materials supporting PD in the area of STEM (primary, secondary and vocational education) exhibited by European projects, educators and PD course participants in maths and science education.

The materials market will continue as an open exhibition and forum for all conference participants. An accompanying poster exhibition will display current developments in scaling-up teacher professional development in STEM education.

If you want to participate in this market as an exhibitor, please click here.







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The project mascil has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement n°320693