Personal Dimension

Background & problems in educating facilitators / multipliers

Katja Maaß & Susanne Prediger


Facilitators (synonymously multiplies, lead teachers) are crucial for the personal dimension of scaling up, as they conduct professional development courses or support schools in their development processes. However, educating the facilitators is a field which has not yet attracted much attention. A typical challenge in qualifying facilitators is the ways they deal with different kinds of knowledge: Is a classroom example (e.g. a task, a students’ product) the key content of the PD itself, or is it only the concretization for a more general principle? Other challenges of qualifying facilitators arise and shall be discussed in the discussion group, e.g. What are there needs as regards their preparation for running PD courses? How difficult is it for them to change their role from a teacher to a PD facilitator? The aim is to exchange experiences as well as theoretical perspectives.


  • 10 min input by the discussion group organizers on typical challenges in qualifying facilitators
  • 25 min small group discussion on different questions related to the input involving different perspectives (researchers, practitioners, policy makers)
  • 15 min presentation of small group results, 10 min whole group discussion
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The project mascil has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement n°320693