Conference Theme

Aims and dimensions

This is the second international conference specifically devoted to the topic of educating the educators in mathematics and science education, such as teachers, teacher educators, the educators of teacher educators, as well as multipliers and institutions engaged in teacher professional development. The topic is treated in particular in relation to disseminating innovative teaching approaches like inquiry-based learning. Scaling-up professional development is a specific challenge for disseminating on large scale which involves qualifying the multipliers.

Building on the results of the first conference on this topic, Educating the Educators II will serve as a lever and platform for international exchange about concepts and experiences. The aim is to present and discuss different approaches which ensure a high quality of the education of educators:

  • Personal dimension: Which roles, contents and activities have to be considered in the PD for facilitators (in professional learning communities and in the multiplier concept)?
  • Material dimension: Which role can materials play in professional development for math and science teachers (classroom materials, face-to-face PD materials and e-learning PD materials)?
  • Structural dimension: How to establish adequate systemic project designs for scaling up and their evaluation (like e.g. in mascil or other professionalisation projects)?

Innovative formats

The conference will use innovative and interactive formats to help bring out the specific benefit of gathering a circle of participants from research, practice and policy. Vivid exchange will be ensured by:

  • discussion groups and innovative research – practice interactive sessions with different stakeholder groups
  • a materials market allowing participants to exhibit interesting professional development materials (including classroom materials) and learn about other materials.
  • keynote lectures held by Alan Schoenfeld (Berkeley, US), Malcolm Swan (Nottingham, UK), and Olaf Köller (Kiel, Germany)
  • poster sessions and oral presentations in the three dimensions to report on projects, approaches and research 

Particular conference features will be:

  • contributions on scaling-up PD from teacher educators, teacher education researchers, teachers and multipliers
  • a special, half-day policy seminar researchers and practitioners engage in mutual exchange with policy makers
  • involvement of the evolving STEM Professional Development Centre practice network
  • Early Career Researchers’ Day (9 November 2016)

Target groups

Teacher educators and researchers, multipliers and relevant networks, educators of multipliers and teacher educators, policy makers, teacher professional development centres, maths and science education support centres, presidents and representatives of PD institutions, teacher associations and relevant networks, as well as policy makers in the field of math and science education.


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The project mascil has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement n°320693